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On and On

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ON AND ON lyrics and music by Brian Campbell

On and on
and over and over
and day after day
I think about you --
Though day after day
and little by little
and step by step
I'm forgetting about you --

If we met this straight on face to face
If we recall our every word, word for word,
All in all
And out and out
It's over --
between me and you

Smile after smile and kiss after kiss
We wound round our bleakness our own sort of bliss
We were acting at love, using all the right words
While so much was unsaid, so much didn't dare be heard

I've known so many lives built round such a lie
And their homes, and their families too,
And they crumble and they perish in the rain
Of all their guilt and all their pain

For that I'm glad, for that I feel free
That I'm free of you
And you're finally free of me

Though on and on
And over and over
And day after day
I think about you

hour after hour . . .

minute by minute . . .

and year after year
I'll think about you . . .

Music, lyrics, voice, guitar: Brian Campbell
Percussion: Michael Rien
Arrangements, virtual flute, piano, bass, sound engineering: Martin Bennett. Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal