A widely published poet, Brian Campbell was shortlisted for a CBC Literary Award and has several critically acclaimed collections to his name, among them Passenger Flight (Signature Editions) and Shimmer Report (Ekstasis Editions). 

To provide some insight into the inspiration behind his songwriting, on this page is a poem or two, to be replaced from time to time. For more about Brian's poetry and related activities, see www.briancampbell.ca  




You teach me     fondle     of instep  

caress        of     toes  

repose            of     hands   

on         shoulders     arms—  


Where I'm from  

people       sit       apart  

incline       heads        

from discrete   and   separate   



Arches shore up.  

Toes spring.  

Fingers point, grab  

summon    or   push back.  


So I learn             willingly  

fondle             of instep  

caress          of toes  

repose            of   hands   

on      shoulders            arms 



- First published in Shimmer Report (Victoria, BC: Ekstasis Editions, 2015)