Event photo for my Facebook Live Gratitude show, Mar. 30, 2022

Event photo for my Facebook Live Gratitude show, Mar. 30, 2022



  •  Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022 12-7pm Hudson Porchfest. Porch and time TBD. Rain Date: Sept. 11. Hudson, Quebec. 
  • Sunday, September 18, 2022 3:30-5:30 pm. Launch party for my new album, "By The River's Blue." Mariposa Café, 5434 chemin de Côte St-Luc, Montreal, Quebec. 
  • Jocelyne Dubois and I will be sharing Galerie Espace here in Montreal for a joint show of my photos and her mixed media paintings May 24-30, 2023.  No need to get more specific than that! More details next year...



At Galerie Espace, Montreal, July 2021. Photo: Silène


  • I've just put together a new album! A cycle of 12 songs totalling some 51 minutes of music, it's called "By the River's Blue."  Launch party at Mariposa Cafe, 5434 ch. de Côte St-Luc, Montreal, Sunday, Sept. 18 at 3:30pm
  • My new song for the holiday season, All Alone This Christmas got play on the Tues. Dec. 21 edition of Stranger Songs, hosted by Mike Regenstreif on CKCU FM 93.1 (Ottawa). Available to listen to online.  I wrote it on Christmas day last year, and we all remember that one, under severe lockdown with no vaccines in sight. This year was pretty darned similar! Also on my music page. This will also be on "By the River's Blue."
  • New video! Shadows on Our Joy, on On This Shore, and a single, Let's Talk. Both can be found on the video page
  • New guitar! A Taylor 362 ce 12-string acoustic, to bring that chimey multi-string sound to certain songs.
  • New vocal effects processor! The most exciting novel effect of TC Helicon Play Acoustic is instant harmonies at the push of a button, great to fill out choruses and lead lines. Voice amplification and pug-in guitar sound are also enhanced. A wonderful tool, in other words, for acoustic guitar-playing singer-songwriter types like me.
  • Songs from On This Shore have been played on the podcast Just Us Folk, the radio shows Freewheeling Folk Show and Folk Roots Radio, and on Montreal's CKUT. On the latter station I was also interviewed about the album and my creative process. A photo montage video of that interview can be seen on the video page.
  • In the first week of July at Galerie Espace, Montreal, my photographs were displayed along with paintings by Chard Chenier. While social restrictions barred the usual vernissage (opening), we had a constant stream of visitors who engaged with the art, many delightful conversations, and I'm happy to report that sales for both of us were quite good!  Here's a video tour of the show
At Mariposa Café, Sept. 18, 2021

At Mariposa Café, Sept. 18, 2021



  • May to August, 2:00-3:00: I've been playing solo sets most weeks at the Depanneur Café, 206 rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, filling in for people who said on the cafe's FB site that they couldn't make it. I didn't take a regular spot because around sign-up time, at least five friends fell ill with Covid, one seriously enough to be hospitalized... and I got paranoid. Such is life in these times ...
  • April 7: Argo Zoom Reading Series: featured musician in this Montreal literary evening. Zoom.

  • Jan. 19, Feb. 23, Mar. 30: Gratitude Shows #2-4, Brian Campbell Solo, Facebook Live.


  • My song, All Alone This Christmas, was played on the Tues. Dec. 21 edition of Stranger Songs, hosted by Mike Regenstreif on CKCU FM 93.1 (Ottawa). It's available to listen now online. The show also features Joni Mitchell, Rosalie Sorrels, Lynn Miles and Louis Armstrong. Mike introduces the song at 1:07:44 of the show.
  •  Dec. 15, Holiday Gratitude Show, Brian Campbell Solo, Facebook Live.

  • Spring - Mid Dec., 2021: Most Fridays 1-2pm I played for the lunch hour crowd at the Depanneur Café, 206 rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal. An enjoyable gig just minutes from my home. When the coronavirus situation, with the onset of Omicron, became ominous again, I put this on hold.   

  • Sunday, Sept. 19, 1-5pm (TBC). Minette à la rescousse Cat Shelter benefit: As part of a lineup of 20 talented musicians, I played two tunes for this event, including this one.

  • September 18, played an hour and a half of mostly originals on Mariposa Terrace, accompanied on a several numbers by legendary harmonica player Chard Chénier. Mariposa Café, Montreal.

  • September 11 Hudson Porchfest. I played a full set at Porch 13, Hudson, Quebec. 

  • August 19: Surprise, a song on On This Shore, got a spin on Folk Roots Radio, a program syndicated on a dozen radio stations in Canada and the US and streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms. Hosted by Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio features in-depth interviews with upcoming and independent artists alongside some of the best new releases in the folk, roots and singer-songwriter genres. 

  • August 14: Surprise was also played on The Freewheeling Folk Show, hosted by Jim Marino, on CFMU, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. This show also combines recordings by established and vintage artists, new releases, and interviews.

  • August 5, Argo Zoom Reading Series. I read "The Arrow", a poem in Shimmer Report, and played a song derived from it at this Montreal literary event. That song has since been recorded and will feature in Lullaby for My Love, my upcoming album to be launched in 2022.

  • June 30-July 5: Galerie Espace, Montreal: My photographs were displayed along with paintings by Chard Chenier.  Here's a video tour of the show

  • June 16: CKUT (90.3FM, Montreal) Interview and airing of selections of On This Shore on Wednesday Morning After hosted by Sheila Ferraro. It's available in the CKUT archives, but I also made a photo montage Youtube video out of it! It's also posted on the Video page.

  • May 28: "Shadows on Our Joy" from my album "On this Shore" was played on Just Us Folk, hosted by Jan Vanderhorst at justusfolk.com. Second song in the first hour. A fine radio show, highly recommended.
  • May 17: La Palabrava. Featured as both reader and musician at this Montreal multilingual reading series. Zoom; Facebook.
  • Apr. 27: Club Passim virtual open mic, Cambridge, Mass. Facebook Live, Youtube.
  • Feb. 17, March 17: Private Event: Vie Autonome/Independent Living, Montreal. Zoom.   
  • Feb. 4: Argo Books reading series. Featured performer. Zoom. 
  • Jan. 27: Private Event: Vie Autonome/Independent Living, Montreal. Zoom.   
  • Jan. 22: Living Room Session, an hour-long solo set at Mariposa Café, Montreal. Facebook Live. 
  • Jan 12: Club Passim virtual open mic, Cambridge, Mass. Facebook Live, Youtube.  
  • Jan. 1: Zoom launch of Jocelyne Dubois’ Memorial Suite, presented by Lawn chair soirée. Videos played of A Quiet Place, Wild and Free


  • Nov. 5: Argo Zoom Reading Series. Performed music and poetry at this literary event.  
  • Sept. 29 and Nov. 17: Club Passim virtual open mic. Cambridge, Mass. Facebook Live, Youtube.
  • May, June: Tuesday evenings: 45-min. shows of music and poetry, Facebook Live  
  • April 5: Virtual launch of “On This Shore”. Facebook Live.   
  • Feb. 8: Rumi Ways of Love - Meditation and Song Circle. Four Rumi poems set to music, performed with Joseph Emet. Yoga d'Eveil, Montreal. 
  • February 5: Warm Winter Wednesdays Solo Live Performance, Mariposa Cafe, Montreal


  • Ongoing: Depanneur Cafe, played once a week for the lunch hour crowd, Jan to June; Sept to Dec.   
  • Dec. 19 Argo Reading Series. Played two poems put to music, and read poetry as well.
  • Dec. 7: Launch of Ethel Meilleur's "Funny Girl", published by my chapbook imprint, Sky of Ink Press. Ethel read from her new book; I performed songs at this well attended event. YWCA, Montreal.
  • Nov. 19: The lawn chair soirée, a monthly reading series I co-organize and co-host. This month, performed music. Italian United Church, Montreal.
  • Sat. Sept. 14. Hudson Porchfest. Featured as a singer/songwriter in this music festival. Hudson, Quebec.
  • Aug. 17: Rumi’s Ways of Love, Meditation and Musical Circle. Performed poems of Rumi and Hafiz put to music. Montreal, Quebec.
  • Aug. 11 Lawn chair soirée/Poetry in the Park. Performed music at this event.
  • August 8: Argo Reading Series. Played music at this literary event. 
  • June 21: Montreal Serai Writers' and Artists' Gala. Performed music at this event commemorating 32nd anniversary of the online review, Montreal Serai, Espace Knox, Montreal. 
  • June 5: 3 Lands, 4 Voices, One Planet: played music and read poetry; featured with writers Veena Gokhale, Rae Marie Taylor, Laure Morali and Rita Mestokosho, Librarie Bertrand, Montreal   
  • May 20: NDG Porchfest. Featured performer; one hour set at Mariposa Café terrace. Montreal 
  • Mar. 8: Side Door Coffee House: Featured performance with Phil Peters, bass. Pierrefonds, Quebec.
  • March 2: Brian Campbell w/Phil Peters on bass, with JB Demouy @ Mariposa Café, Montreal. 


NB, this listing does not include many events in which I am featured as a poet only. For some indication of that, see brian campbell.ca