1. Surprise

From the recording On This Shore


A spring song about walking hand in hand and being happily surprised by life.


Walking along
Sunlight on our skin
Blue sky in our eye
Hand enlaced in hand

Other couples walking by
you can tell by the light in their eyes
Bird in the blue, tilting on a tree
So—say hello to the breeze

Spring is come and winter's gloom is gone

There's a shadow
running through the grass
disappears into the sunlight
as we will disappear
by the light of the moon

orange & butter yellow
swirling pastels in a starlit cafe
pass on through the light...
pass on through the light...


The constant surprise that we're alive
the bird the breeze the leaves the waving sea
afternoons of light
afternoons of light
light light light light ...
hand enlaced in hand
hand enlaced in hand

Lyric, music, voice, guitar: Brian Campbell
Female backing vocal: Ema Jean
Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal