1. Day Of Days

From the recording By the River's Blue



It’s a light new morning, the sun is shining bright
Put away your sadness, dear, we’re going to have a right good time
Coffee’s in the percolator, porridge on the stove
Simple fruit, simple pleasure no need to rove for delight
In this day of days
In this day of days
In this day of days
In this day of days

If you like we’ll go together into the staring town
Gaze in shop windows, try to brighten any frowns around
We’ll buy some yellow candles, mother-of-pearl and lace
Rest in a cool shade, marvel at the human race

In this day of days…

And tonight why don’t we tear up this gratin’ town
Dance till we drop and a world is spinning round
And round and round and round….

Long after night is fallen, we’ll enter our shadow’s play
By the warmth of our own sweet flame
Celebrate the light that was this day

In this day of days…

Brian Campbell: music, lyrics, lead vocal, guitar
Jeff Deeprose: fiddle
Leesa Mackey: back vocals
Martin Bennett: recording, arrangements, virtual instruments
Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal