From the recording By the River's Blue

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Summertime Blues

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What do you do when it's 92
Just sit on the balcony here
And drink beer after beer
And watch the world go by
And watch the world go by

When you're out of a job
& you've got nothin' else to do
Just take off most of your clothes
And enjoy these summertime blues…yeah…

You come by to talk, just to sit here by my side
You say "Oh it's so hot"
I can only reply
Have a lemonade
Go to the fridge babe,
Somethin' real cool's waitin' for you

But it's so hot my darlin’ I gotta put on ice
My hots for you
This ain't so very nice
But let's laugh and enjoy
These summertime blues…yeah…

I'm so glad winter's over,
We're floatin' in summer's boat
But I'd love to be the ice cream
In your ice cream float
Melt inside of youuuuuu
slither down your throat

I’m no frosty fella
But I'm a real cool dude
And most of all I'd really enjoy with you
These summertime blues… yeah…

Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Summertime, just the heat gets you high
Summertime, go get a drink from the refrigerator, darlin’
And hush little baby
Hush little baby
Hush little baby
Don't you cry

Brian Campbell: music, lyrics, voice, guitar.
Ellwood Epps: trumpet
Martin Bennett: arrangements, virtual instruments, recording, mix, master
Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal.