1. Twins

From the recording A Crystal Rim

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translated and adapted by Brian Campbell from "Los gemelos", poem by Gabriel Celaya

I will tell you and you will tell me,
and we'll tell each other,
laughing --
of our unforeseen steps
in this life we live --

and we'll tell each other, laughing

of the tiny forests
in the heart
and the ethereal bird
in our voice

I will tell you, and you will tell me,
and we'll slowly open
the immense fan
of ocean that we've never seen.

Brian Campbell: translation and adaptation of lyrics, music, voice, midi and nylon string guitar
Chantale Marchand: back vocal
Pierre Sainte-Marie: arrangements, recording engineering
This track first appeared on The Courtier's Manuscript, 2002.

The original poem:

por Gabriel Celaya

Te diré y me dirás
nos diremos riendo
los pasos imprevistos,
la vida que vivimos,

los bosques pequeñitos
que hay en el corazón,
y el pájaro impalpable
que se alarga en la voz.

Te diré y me dirás
y abriremos despacio
ese inmenso abánico
del mar que nunca vimos.