From the recording On This Shore

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Let Us Not Love

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Let us not love
I’m afraid of the flame
the passion and burning
the reckless game

Last night through clouds
I saw a star
looking as though longingly
from afar

Not now, not ever
I am not yours
time only stopped
and only for hours

When my hands reach through
the midnight air
they feel the golden kiss
of your hair

Let us not love
let’s be free of the blame
the cycle of pain
that’ll surely come in that game

Go… but please don’t…
but you should…oh you must…
before we burn and turn
into ashes and dust

Let us not love
Let us not love

Dawn, the sun will come
soon we must part
let me touch your lips once more

But I won’t leave my heart
won’t leave my heart
leave my heart

Lyrics from a poem by Hungarian-Canadian poet Imre de C. Nemeth (1923-2002), adapted, put to music and performed by yours truly. Used with permission. I'm playing my Gretch resonator guitar on this one, which helps lend this song its haunting sound. Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal