1. On This Shore

From the recording On This Shore

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On This Shore

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My friend, Hungarian-Canadian poet Imre de C. Nemeth, knew he was soon going to die and went to the Gulf of Mexico to see the ocean for the last time. He wrote this poem, which I adapted into song.

The sand is velvet
beneath my feet ,
night breeze a gentle hand
that brushes my cheek.
The sea is calm now
between the tides.
It seems to invite me to walk
to the other side…

Cross the busy daylight path

and just wade out
into the cool water,
just wade out
into the cool water.

The sea does not ask questions,
the sea does not tell lies.
Soon I will arrive
On another shore

or on this shore
or on this shore
or on this shore
or on this shore

Lyrics: Imre de C. Nemeth, adapted from his poem "Gulf of Mexico" by Brian Campbell. Used with permission. Music: Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell: voice, acoustic guitar
Ema Jean: back vocal
Martin Bennett: arrangements, sampled flute, oboe, bassoon, piccolo, string ensemble, kettle drum. Recorded at Studio Loco, Montreal. All songs ©Brian Campbell, registered with SOCAN