From the recording The Courtier's Manuscript

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Me, I'm still waiting
For the weather to change
The trees they're turning from green to red and gold
But me — I'm still the same
Still alone
And it's been long long time
Today I'm free, no work to do
And it's starting to rain, but I really don't mind

I'll take my rain boots and parapluie
Hear the raindrops tapping overtop
And walk the neighborhood, admire the balconies
Delicate, black, and flowery like lace
On a woman I never knew
Just like lace
On a woman I never knew

Here the light is flashing in the clouds
A man's walking his dog in the park
His umbrella's a big black scowl
In the gathering dark
The only thing blacker's the scowl on his face —
That’s one animal getting it back on the human race —
That must be one desperate dog
Walking that poor man on a day like this —

Maybe stop in and talk to Gill
and see what masterpieces he's got for sale
Matisse Van Gogh Boticelli
150 dollars, frame for free
Maybe buy a Michelangelo and put it on my wall
And walk very tall
Having my own Michelangelo on my wall

Oh yeah I've got to stop in at the fruiterie
To pick up some more broccoli
Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and
— oh yes — say hello to the girl behind the counter
She's so cute and always so nice —
Greets me with a special "Hé! Bonjour, comment çà va?
Fais pas beau aujourd'hui, mais, c'est la vie — n'est-ce pas?
Oui oui, c'est la vie. . ."

Maybe we'll go hand in hand into the sunset
If there’s one tonight
Feast on cooked carrots and cauliflower
To our heart's delight
And I'll say "Je t'aime. . ."
And you'll say " Moi, je t'adore . . . mon amour . . . "

As you can see, there's so many things to do
And so many things to see
On a rainy lazy day like this
A kaleidoscope of things for free

As I wait
For my weather to change
As I wait
For my weather to change

Why don't you join my weather change?

Wanna help me change my weather for me?
It'd be fun! Lotsa things to do!
We could go to the fruiterie
Pick up some more broccoli
And make a meal for two!
Yeah! Right! And we could go to movies, and art galleries, and bookstores, and I know some really neat cafes . . .
. . . Interested?
Your place or mine? . . . “Non!” Sorry about that…
a little too fast I guess…Just joking . . .

You know what? I've got this Michelangelo on my wall I want to get rid of. You want a Michelangelo, for free?

*The Plateau was an almost exclusively Francophone area of Montreal where I tried (without much success) to cure myself of being English Canadian. . .

Brian Campbell: music, lyrics, voice, guitar
Pier Noli: harmonica
Yves Adam: soprano sax, bass clarinet
Chantale Marchand: female vocals
Pierre Sainte-Marie: arrangements, midi percussions and keyboards programming, recording engineering