1. Empty House

From the recording The Courtier's Manuscript

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(whispering sounds)
Maria . . .
Maria . . .
Maria . . .

Under pinwheels of dust and starlight
In rafters of memory
You are there
As under a forgotten stair
Or 'neath the roof where the rain comes through
And your name clamours out
Through dusky passageways of lungs and heart and dream . . .
Maria . . .
Maria . . .

Here within the walls of my empty house
In a dark and empty room
I stand and stare
Through window glass
At a frosty valley on the moon
Here the light is blue, so very blue
And the rooms, all the rooms so very cold
Without you
Maria. . .
Maria. . .
(repeat to end)

Brian Campbell: music, lyrics, voice, nylon string and midi guitar
Chantale Marchand: whispering sounds, back vocals
Yves Adam: soprano sax, bass clarinet
Pierre Sainte-Marie: arrangements, midi percussions and keyboards programming, sound design, recording engineering
All songs ┬ęBrian Campbell, registered with SOCAN